I have more than 25 years of experience as an independent policy expert, researcher and educator. My studies and work in various countries, cultures and institutions has greatly impacted my personal and professional development. My work with large organizations as the World Bank, European Commission, UNDP, USAID and other bilateral donors has also widened my professional competencies. My work experience in 14 countries and in different social and professional contexts within some countries has helped me to develop intercultural literacy and the capacity to communicate and mediate among diverse actors and stakeholders. Integrity, curiosity, creativity and adaptability are my drivers that I use in my work and in transmitting ideas and competencies to others.

I have always been a generalist interested in understanding the big picture and eager to create synergy among ideas of different fields of expertise and their approaches. During the first 20 years of my carrier I worked mainly on local community processes and on local governance. During the 1990s I designed several multi stakeholder processes. In these works I planned and guided the involvement of different stakeholders and coordinated the work of experts from different fields in order to resolve community disputes or to develop and agree on integrated strategies.

stratégiai tervezés indonéz(2)Since 2000 my interest has focused on local leadership, participatory processes and the possibilities for initiating democratic dialogue. I extended my activities to community conflict management and to the management of multi-ethnic communities and participated in local development projects in the specific context of extractive industries.

It was always part of my work to train and assist the groups involved in the processes I led. I have designed and directed many executive trainings, training programs for local politicians, administrators, civil society actors and other stakeholders, and held university courses. I have also been invited to lecture on topics related to local government and leadership in various parts of the World and have published books and numerous articles on urban strategies and management, on participatory processes and on public integrity.

kék mosoly 2During the last years I played an important role in the design and dissemination of the Leadership Academy Program of the Council of Europe. Since 2012 I am associate professor at the National University for Public Service in Hungary and head of the Center for Excellence in Integrity. My most important teaching fields are integrity management, leadership and intercultural relations and processes.





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