Membership of boards and associations

Member of the Hungarian mediation Association (2008-present)

The Hungarian Mediation Association  (Országos Mediációs Egyesület, OME) is the professional association of mediators and experts involved in the field of alternative dispute resolution. OME is committed to introduce the concept and use of mediation in Hungary, and to support the achievement of high quality mediation services. It represents professionals, it advises the elaboration of laws and policy related to mediation, and supports improvement of professional standards with on going survey of the practice and its impact assessment, and though supervision of training and accreditation guarantees quality of of the education of mediators. www.

Member of the Steering Committee of the Hungarian Local Government Best Practice Program (2008-present)

The Best Practice Program was Introduced in Hungary through a cooperation between the Council of Europe and the Hungarian Association of Local Governments. I worked as the expert of the Council of Europe in the Hungarian adaptation and introduction of the program and became member of the Steering Committee of the Program.

Chair of the Board of Study Bt, Professional Adult Education Co (2007-present)

Study Bt is a private training institution specialized to executive trainings of decision makers and high level professionals. It was founded by top level trainers from different fields who all have Hungarian and international reputation. Study Bt is accredited for Hungary in Adult Education

Member of Hungarian Society for Urban Planning (1999-present)

The Hungarian Society for Urban Planning is the main professional association of urban professionals in Hungary. It is an independent, democratic, professional organization that aims to support professionalism and protect the interest of its members and the wider profession.

Member of the board of Directors of the Partners Romania Foundation for Local Development (2000-2006)

This foundation was established in 1995 as a Romanian NGO. The Organization’s Mission is to enhance democratic processes of governance, civil society development and the generation of change and conflict management culture.  Since its foundation it became one of the most significant NGOs in the field of governance in the Transition region.  During recent years it has run 197 programs and trained 4579 persons, from 28 countries from CEE, South Asia and East Africa. The Foundation became part of the Partners network in 1998. It operates a regional network of training organizations in 21 transition countries offering assistance for institution building and developing training skills and materials.

Member of the Steering Committee of the Local Government and Public Policy Initiative of the Open Society Institute (1999-2005)

The Open Society Institute (OSI) is the largest NGO in the transitional world, it was founded and continues to be sponsored by George Soros. The mission of OSI is to assist the building of open societies and it has a network in 28 transition countries. The Local Government and Public Policy Initiative (LGI) is responsible for guidance in policy related activities within the network. The Steering Committee of LGI is the board established for strategic guidance and advice on policy related activities of LGI and OSI.

Member (2005-2008), President (2004-2005), Vice-president (2000-2004) of Urbanissimus

Urbanissimus is a think-tank established by leading figures of urban and regional planning in Hungary. Its mission is to (1) improve the access of practitioners to cutting edge theory and practice, (2) create a permanent forum for discussion of professional issues and (3) advocacte for possible solutions to pressing policy challenges. As a founding member and vice-president Ms Pallai’s role is to envision and promote the think-tank’s activities, and to build up a activism and advocacy function.

Secretary of the Urbanism and Environment Committee of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, 1992-1993

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