Pallai K., (2017): Co-creation of post-graduate curriculum by academics and practitioners – a case study  – EGPA Conference, Milan, Italy, Augusztus 30.-Szeptember 1. 2017. Pallai EGPA 2017 IX WG   file:///C:/Users/Pallai%20Katalin/Downloads/Pallai%20EGPA%202017%20IX%20WG.pdf

Pallai K., (2017): The integrity development in corruption tolerant context in the post-truth world – a case study – EGPA Conference, Milan, Italy, Augusztus 30.-Szeptember 1. 2017 Pallai EGPA 2017 VII WG file:///C:/Users/Pallai%20Katalin/Downloads/Pallai%20EGPA%202017%20VII%20WG.pdf

Pallai, K. (2016): Collaborative curriculum development: a transformative process for transformative education. in: Senses-Ozyurt, S- Klein, S.- Nemeskéri, Zs. eds.:Educating for Democratic Governance and Global Citizenship. (pp. 110-125) World Council for Curriculum Instruction. San Diego, Ca: USA  pallai-chapter-wcci-book wcci-chapter-scan

CEPOL 2016 Research  and Science Conference: Global Trends in Law Enforcement Training and Education. Budapest, Hungary, 5-7. October, 2016. The power of dialogue – Lessons learned from the Hungarian collaborative integrity curriculum development and proposal for implementation for law enforcement agencies. Paper and presentation. 

Basel Institute on Governance Collective Action Conference. Basel, Switzerland, 20-21. October, 2016. The Need for a New Expertise Profile in Anticorruption. paper and panel discussion. collective-action-conference-2016-katalin-pallai

image1Inaugural Mediterranian Confernce: Integrity as a Way Forward. Athens, Greece, 8-10 September, 2016. Building islands of integrity: the process of creating a model and building a core community. Presentation.

17th WCCI World Conference on Education. Budapest, 10-15. July, 2016.: Collaborative curriculum development: a transformative process for transformative education – the case of integrity advisor education in Hungary. paper. Pallai paper WCCI integrity pedagogy

oecd-2014-integrity-weekOECD Integrity Forum, 19-20 April 2016, Paris, France: What can we learn from a simple survey? Effectiveness Assessment of Public Integrity Training Courses – a case study, Integrity-Forum-16-Katalin-Pallai

Trans-European Dialogue 9 conference, 5-6. February 2016, Ljubjana, Slovenia:  The Stretched Tangle – a Metaphor for Corruption in Hungary and for Explaining a New Approach to Curbing Corruption. Paper presented at the Trans-European Dialogue 9 conference organized by EGPA and NISPACEE. Pallai TED9 paper


CEU Business School. Integrity Education Conference, 10-12. 12. 2015. Budapest. Paper presented: Pallai, Katalin: Integrity training methodology for civil servants

NKE-RTK. A korrupció elleni küzdelem a rendészet területén. konferencia. 24. 11. 2015. Paper presented.  Pallai, Katalin: Integritásképzés a felsőoktatásban.

EGPA (European Group for Public Administration) Annual Conference, Toulouse, 2015. Paper presented: Pallai, Katalin – Aniko Gregor: Assessmentkonference 3 of Effectiveness of Public Integrity Training Workshops for Civil Servants. EGPA paperafter conference

IASIA (International Association of Schools and Institutes of Administration) Annual Conference. Paris, 2015 paper presented. Pallai, Katalin: Impact of culture on the results of a tender for faculty for a post-graduate education program: the role of sense making, expectations and networks of potential teachers.Pallai IASIA Paris 08 july 2015

Conference of the Transatlantic Policy Consortium: Rethinking Public Governance. Budapest. 2015. paper presented. Pallai, Katalin: Education of public integrity advisors at NUSP: training for leading transformative change. TPC Budapest 2015 juni final

Office of the Ombudsman: Whistle Blower Protection, Anticorruption and Integrity Conference, Budapest 2015, Pallai, Katalin: “Integritásépítés: az értéképítés a gyenge láncszem”. (Integrity development: norm building – the missing component) Pallai AJBH konferencia 2015

Government Office for Pest County: Integrity Day Conference, Budapest, 10 June 2015. Pallai, Katalin: „A képzés szerepe az integritásfejleztésben” (The role of education in integrity development) PKH konferncia

dsc_3115Center for Excellence for Integrity. Round Table Discussion on Integrity Education Budapest, 2014. Pallai, Katalin: „Methodological underpinnings of integrity education for civil servants”

Ministry of Interior: III. National Conference of Integrity Advisors. Budapest, 2014. Pallai, Katalin: Az Integritás Tanácsadó Képzés megújítása az NKE-n. (Reshaping integrity education in the University for Public Service) ITOK 3 konferncia

IMG_00000205National University for Public Service: Integritás szerepe a honvédelem területén conference. Budapest, 2014. Pallai, Katalin: „Integritásoktatás a közszolgálatban” (Public Integrity Education in Hungary) Pallai integritásoktatás

Ministry of Public Administration: II. National Conference of Integrity Advisors. Budapest, 2014. Pallai, Katalin: „Az Integritás Tudásközpont bemutatása”. (The Center for Excellence in Integrity) Pallai ITOK 2

NISPACEE Annual Conference, Budapest, 2014 Pallai, Katalin:„Integrity education for civil servants”  Pallai Nispacee

Visegrád School of Political Studies: Session 4, Budapest, 2014.  Pallai, Katalin: „Integrity education for Hungarian Civil Servants” Pallai Antall

Ministry of Public Administration: International Conference on Integrity Teaching Methodologies Budapest, 2013 Pallai, Katalin:„Public ethics and Integrity trainings for civil servants in Hungary”


Before 2009

Council of Europe – TÖOSZ: Best Practice Program Conference: “International experience of the Best Practice program”, Budapest (Hugary), 2009

Revenue Watch Institute – Open Society Institute: National Governance in Extractive Revenue Rich Areas conference: “Local Strategic Planning in Extractive Context”, Piura (Peru), 2009

….between 2006 and 2009 no list is available

International Conference on Urban Planning and Regional Development: “How can strategies become destructive?”, Vienna (Austria), 2006

UNDP: “Condition of Human Development and Local Governance in BiH”, Launching Conference for the Human Development Report. Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina), 2005

OSI/LGI: “The Challenge of Strategic Planning in South East Europe”, Regional Conference on Local Governance organized by the Local Government and Public Policy Initiative of the Open Society Institute, Antalya (Turkey), 2005

UNDP: “Condition of Human Develoipment and Local Governance in BiH”, Sustainable Local Development, Regional Conference, Banja Luka (Bosnia and Herzegovina), 2004

Government of Romania – GRASP/USAID: “The Hungarian decentralization experience”, at Regional Conference on the Romanian Public Administration Reform Strategy, Sinaia (Romania), 2003

Government of Romania – GRASP/USAID: “Decentralization trajectories in the post-socialist region” at Regional Conference on the Romanian Public Administration Reform Strategy, Oradea (Romania), 2003

Foundation for Development: “Public-private partnerships in urban rehabilitation” at Conference: City for tomorrow, Bielsko-Biala (Poland), 2003

The World Bank: “The Hungarian decentralization experience”, at Public Expenditure Reforms Conference, Sarajevo, (Bosnia and Herzegovina), 2003

IFC-Open Society Institute: “Strategic planning”, Local Economic Development Program, Pristina (Kosovo), 2002

DAI: “Experiences on Capital City Laws”, at conference assisting the new drafting of the law on territorial division, withing the framework of the Local Government Reform Program, Skopje (Macedonia), 2001

IMF-World Bank Institute: “Selected Issues of Utility Policies in Budapest” at Second Poverty Reduction Strategy Forum, Budapest, (Hungary), 2001

World Bank Institute-LGI-UNDP Initiative for Central Asia: “Water sector policies, the Hungarian experience” at Workshop for Creating networks for Local Governance, Bratislava, (Slovakia), 2001

World Bank Institute – LGI / OSI: Course director and faculty member with various presentations at the Urban and City Management core course, Budapest (Hungary), 2001 summer

World Bank Institute: “Decentralization and participation” at Regional Workshop on Civic Participation in Government and Community Empowerment, Szentendre, (Hungary), 2001

USAID- World Bank Institute: “Balancing of overlapping Local and National Interests” at Course on Intergovernmental Fiscal Relations, Budapest, (Hungary) 2001

Stability Pact for South-Eastern-Europe, Task Force for Good Governance: “Decentralization Framework” and “local Budgeting” at Budapest Round Table Seminar on Good Governance, Budapest (Hungary), 2001

Europa Movement in Serbia – UNDP: „Privatization and pricing of local services”, in Towards More Transparent Budgeting and Procurement for Serbian Municipalities program, Belgrade (Serbia), 2001

World Bank Institute: „Local Government Financial Reform During the Transition”, at Intergovernmental Relation Global Network program workshop, Budapest (Hungary), 2001

World Bank Institute – LGI / OSI: Course director and faculty member with various presentations at the Urban and City Management core course, Budapest (Hungary), 2000-2001 winter.

Council of Europe: “Possible Process of Local Government Reforms and Capacity Building” Workshop on Local Finance and Management, Preskopia (Albania), 2000

USAID-DAI-Urban Institute: Faculty member at Fiscal decentralization course, Mavorvo (Macedonia), 2000

Council of Europe: “Financial reform strategies during the Transition”, at Local Finance seminar, Budapest (Hungary), 2000

Salzburg Seminar: Faculty member on Session on Entrepreneurial cities, Salzburg (Austria), 2000

Europa Forum Wien – Stadt Wien: „Conceptual Changes in Urban Development Strategies during the 1990s in Budapest”, Wenn Strategies Laufen Lernen, conference, Vienna (Austria), 2000

UNDP: “Reform of Financial Management and Strategic Planning at the Municipality of Budapest” Local Financial Management conference by the invitation of the vice prime minister of the Kyrgyz Republic, Bishkek (Kyrgyz Republic), 2000

ConferenceWorld Bank Institute-Eurasia Institute: “Reform of Financial Management and Strategic Planning at the Municipality of Budapest” Conference on Intergovernmental Fiscal Relations and Local Financial Management, Almaty (Kazakhstan), 2000

Sustainable World Foundation: „Sustainable approaches in new infrastructure and urban policy”,The Third Pan-European Conference on Sustainable Cities & Towns, Hanover, (Germany) 2000

Office of The Chief Architect of Budapest: “Urban Development Concept of Budapest”, Budapest (Hungary), 1999

Municipality of Budapest – World Bank-Open Society Institute – Neumann Foundation: “Strategic Reforms in the Municipality of Budapest”, Decentralization for Democracy conference, Budapest (Hungary), 1999

Partnership of the Presidential Commission on Intergovernmental Fiscal Relations, USAID and the World Bank Yerevan: “Reform of Financial Management and Strategic Planning at the Municipality of Budapest”, Conference on Intergovernmental Fiscal Relations and Local Financial Management, Yerevan (Armenia) 1999

USAID: “Strategic Planning”, Conference on Reform of Local Fiscal Management, Budapest (Hungary), 1999

World Bank: “Financial Management and Funding Strategies at the Municipality of Budapest”, First Conference on Capital Markets Development at the Sub national Level, Santander (Spain), 1998

USAID: “Decision matrix for Capital Investment planning” training manual for Reform of Budgeting in Hungarian Local Government, training program for Municipal Officials, 1997

International Cultural Center Krakow: “Metropolitan Development of Budapest,” Conference on The Historical Metropolis: A Hidden Potential, Krakow (Poland), 1997

International Cultural Center Krakow: “Case of Budapest,” Conference on Managing Tourism In Historic Cities, Krakow (Poland), 1992

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