Communication and consensus building


Communication, cooperation and teamwork training

tréning consensus buildingDepending on the need and demand of the target group I design various training programs that lead participants through various inter-personal and inter-group exercises. After they have experienced the situations and the outcomes of their selected strategies, we reflect, discuss and internalize the learning. During the exercises participants learn about communication and experiment with different communication modes and tools; choose between competitive and cooperative strategies for problem solving; reflect on their own personal characteristics and competencies; and on the conditions that can render group work effective and fulfilling. Based on the various learning experiences, till the end of the training, participants can understand how teams form and work together, and how can they become effective members or leaders of teamwork.

Consensus building

műhely moderálás1 to 4 days training that offers an introduction to cooperation and consensus building techniques for problem solving, planning and conflict management. Participants experience and reflect on the possibilities, obstacles and traps of cooperation among  individuals and groups; learn basic concepts of problem solving, planning and conflict management processes,  and get acquainted with process design, techniques and facilitation tools of consensus building.

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