University and post-graduate teaching experience

National University for Public Service, Budapest, Hungary, guest lecturer and course designer, since 2011 associate professor

  • Public ethics nd integrity management, in English and Hungarian
  • Multiculturalism, and intercultural and interethnic realtions and community management, in English, Hungarian and German
  • Multi-party dispute resolution, MA course in English
  • Multi-party community disputes and other participatory processes, MA and Doctoral course in Hungarian
  • Approaches to dealing with local and community disputes, post-graduate course in Hungarian and English

Mayors Academy, Budapest Corvinus University, 2009

  • Conflict management
  • Participatory approaches

Institute for Social and European Studies, Kőszeg, Hungary, guest lecturer and course designer, 2009-2010

  • Management of the Urban Built Heritage, distance learning course in the Heritage and Sustainable Development English post-graduate program.
  • Urban Management, guest lecturer in the Heritage and Sustainable Development post-graduate program.

Department of Urbanism at the Budapest Technical University, Hungary, guest lecturer, 1997-2010

  • Strategic planning for Urban Change, post-graduate program
  • Local public participation, post-graduate program

Central European University, SUN Program, Course director 2004-2009 (International Programs in English)

  • Lived space in past and present: challenges in the research and management of townscape and cultural heritage. guest lecturer. 2010.
  • Management of urban change, Course designer and course director, 2004-2009

Local Government Initiative of the Open Society Institute, Course designer and trainer, 1999- 2010. (International Programs in English)

  • Urban management in multi-ethnic communities. 2008-2010
  • Minority rights and local governance. 2009-2010
  • Conflict management in multi-ethnic communities. 2007-2010
  • Service delivery in multi-ethnic communities. 2006-8

World Bank Institute, (International Programs in English)

  • Intergovernmental Fiscal Relations and local financial management, core international course in English, faculty, 1993-99
  • Urban management, core international course, course director, 1998-2001

Western Maryland University, Budapest Program, Adjunct Professor in Art and Urban History, 1995-2001 (in English)

St. Johns University (New York), Budapest Program, Adjunct Professor in Art and Urban History, 1989 – 1996  (in English)

Associated Colleges of the South (United States), Program in Vienna, Adjunct Professor in Art and Urban History, 1991-1996 (in English)

Institute für Auslandbeziehungen, lecturer 1995-2001 (in English)

Interhostel (USA) and Elderhostel (USA) programs in Hungary, lecturer, 1987-present, (in English)

Hungarian Graduate School of Tourism, Budapest, lecturer  on Art and Urba History, 1988-1991

Institute of European Studies, Vienna, Lecturer on Urban History, 1989-1991, (in English)

College of Tourism (Budapest), lecturer on Art and Urban History,1990-1991


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