Integrity and clear goals are the pillars of a good and authentic life. They are the source of personal stability, energy and resilience, and result in connection to and trust of others.
I provoke you to reflect. I offer you new ideas, and where necessary, I inspire you to reconsider how you act.

I am

expert on leadership, ethics- and organizational integrity management and trainer for personal competence building.

leader/facilitator of co-creative policy, planning and work processes among diverse professionals, experts and/or stakeholders.

international development expert with experience working in 16 countries in public and private sectors.

executive and life coach, teamcoach and mentor and mediator.

PhD with academic teaching experience at all levels and with academic and professional publications.

I support
you in

aligning your professional and personal life strategies.

acting on your values and goals when you confront difficult dilemmas and decision situation.

working on your integrity and your leadership mindset and practice.

leading organizations and teams to perform by creating inspiring purpose, psychological safety and effective cooperation.

strengthening ethics and integrity of your organization (developing ethical management and compliance).

harnessing the co-creative potential of your people by creating a safe space and facilitating an integrative dialogue.

I offer

workshops and presentations

consultation and advice

process facilitation

mentoring and coaching

in presence and on-line


+36 20 944 9244
+43 676 507 8457 (WhatsApp)